Tim's 10 inch TriSchiefspiegler

A Unique Implementation of an Uncommon Design

This extremely lightweight 10" alt-azimuth "trike" is constructed of a fistfull of fiberglass arrow shafts and about 8 tubes of JB Weld epoxy, all mounted to an aluminum base ring. Affectionately refered to as the "boxkite", it features electic slow motion controls via stepper motors driving homemade wormgears. For more information about this rare optical layout, go to the "Links" area and follow your nose to "David Stevick's Wierd Telescope Page".

Here is a closer photo of the "Tube Assembly" from the tertiary mirror side:

And here is a closer photo of the focuser side. Note the blue tubeless Newtonian finder scope at the bottom of the frame.

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